Hydraulic BollardsHydraulic Bollards

Automatic hydraulic rising bollard, is the use of hydraulic power source and hydraulic rod integration, two-way one hydraulic movement. System is the use of electric-motor through an integrated valve block connection with the gear pump and fuel tank, integrated with the hydraulic bollard assembly to form a complete hydraulic system, through the structure of the system installed with the bollard 304 stainless steel as bollard material, keep corrosion resistance and no rust. Column wall thickness can be user-selected from 6mm to 20mm. Lifting time could achieve 2 seconds.

Our products have good temperature adaptability, -40 to +70 can be used normally. System with emergency release system, power outage and other emergencies, can be artificially lower, open the channel, release vehicles. Remote control and remote card reader, remote RF card reader(optional) control, and programmable control by computer, suitable for high-frequency, high-security vehicle access to places. Applied to the district, pedestrian street, parks, scenic areas, schools, squares, car parks and other areas.

Fixed BollardFixed Bollard

Fixed bollard can prevent vehicles from crashing into protection area which fixed by concrete under pavement. These are secure options for protecting walkways and storefronts. Fixed bollards are ideal for directing traffic and deterring vehicle collisions, providing a visual guide for drivers, as well as a physical barrier to discourage impact crashes from pedestrians and structures. It cab be used to define pedestrian walkways. Space between the bollards allows pedestrian traffic to still flow freely while preventing vehicles from intruding.

Both the color and the type can be customized.


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