Hand Held Metal DetectorWIB Metal detectors are top class tools highly recommended for instantly screening the metal objects. The detector illuminates and omits a LOUD beep in case any metal object is detected and is extremely easy to use.


  • Power: one 9V alkaline battery
  • Operating frequency: 50kHz ±10% (sine wave)
  • Sensitivity: 5cm or less
  • Indication: Audio alert and led (red) alert. Audio tone changes as metal size changes
  • Silent operation: connects earphones to the detector for silent operation.
  • Blink: when the unit is working properly, the blink indicator flashes.
  • Low sensitivity: to lower the sensitivity, at this time the sensitivity is >2cm.
  • Low battery indication omits a LOUD beep when it discovers a metal object.

Hand Held Metal Detector Models


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