Wireless Intelligent Security System

Wireless 433MHZ 315MHz (select) arm defense SMS Security Alarm System
It can be widely used in different locations including shops, offices, villas, residential estate, garage, warehouse, to name just a few. It is an ideal choice to protect your properties and personnel safety.

  • Built-in standby battery
  • Remote controller
  • Door / Window Sensor
  • Wireless PIR Detector
  • Wired mini siren
  • Wireless smoke sensor

Wireless Inteligent Security System

Smart IP Camera Wifi Alarm Security SystemSmart IP Camera Wifi Alarm Security Systems

Support IOS and Android Security network video for self defence
Multifunctional product including video call function, remote monitor function, local recording function and wireless alarm function

  • Supporting USB, Micro SD video storage and intelligent video data retrieving
  • Supporting mobile devices with IOS, Andriod system to achieve a smooth monitoring
  • Intelligent on-line inspection, users can easily upgrade software version