Automatic Road Barrier

  • Unique design for housing, with features of state-of-art workmanship and red/green color LED arrow sign. The system restart automatically when power on.
  • Special craft machine core with the mechanism and the electronic  technology which just need one standard of balance spring.
  • Remote control with three buttons to control the barrier gate up, down stop, safety and easy using.
  • Arm auto reverse: Built in smart collision detection technology, arm will  auto reverse when hit with an obstacle during closing to prevent further damages.
  • Swing away mechanism will sheer off in case of accidental collision with the boom arm and to prevent damage to the barrier and arm (selectable)
  • Radio control or line key control selection.
  • Manual release clutch can be conveniently unlocked to manual open the arm without removing the top cover or body housing.
  • Red and green traffic lights connection.
  • RS-485 communication.


  • Net weight (KG) 55kg
  • Rating voltage (V) AC 220/110V±10%
  • Rating frequency (Hz) 50/60Hz
  • Rating Power (W) 120W
  • Opening/closing time 3s~6seconds
  • Remote control distance (M) =30m


Automatic Road Barrier

Automatic Road Barrier Models

WAB-M01(Orange)WAB - M02(Grey)
3 / 6 Meters3 / 6 Meters

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