Hydraulic Road Blocker

Used for controlling the entry/exit of vehicles to sensitive security buildings, which is threaten of terrorism or crime by vehicle attack.

  • Security buildings and police stations.
  • Military and air bases.
  • Ministries and governmental buildings.
  • Stores, factories and warehouses.
  • Airports, ports and land customs.
  • Embassies and international organizations centers.
  • Banks, Commercial centers and shopping malls.



  • 4kw motor.
  • Immersed gear pump.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Solenoid Valves for reliability and safety in operation.
  • Approximate running pressure 80 bar.
  • Electric control panel with remote control
  • Load bearing capacity up to 100 tons.


Can interface with most access systems.(RFID / E-Tag).

Normal Operating Speed:

  • 4-6 seconds.

Power Supply:

  • 380V 50Hz.

Power Rating:

  • 3ph rated at 6 amp.

Axle Weight:

  • Any road going vehicle (in house test certificate).

Crash Rating:

  • 7.5 tons @ 80kph/50mph with nil penetration – PAS 68:2007
  • In energy terms exceeds DOS K12 certification @ 6.8 tons.


Crash Tested PAS 68 Road Blocker

The tests were conducted using an empty 18 tonner (weighing 7.5 tonnes) travelling at 80 kph (50 mph) and with a standard 7.5 tonne truck at a speed of 80 kph (50 mph). The blocker disabled the vehicles in both instances and continued normal operation after impact and replacement of the front radius plate. Both tests were carried out to the impact criteria of the PAS 68 British Standard and in energy terms exceed the American Department of State K12 rating (this being 6.8 tonnes @ 80 kph/ 50 mph).

WIB Hydraulic Road Blocker (Demonstration Video)

How to install the hydraulic road blocker system:

How to install the hydraulic road blocker system



Hydraulic Road Blocker Models

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